Dragon City Gold, Gems & Food Generator

Do you want to own various types of kites as pets? If so, consider the popular game Dragon City, which allows you to control the whole island of dragons and their habitat. Here you have to breed dragons from several elements to create rare dragons.

In addition to spending time breeding, you need to complete various missions to earn game currencies, build farms for food, create habitats for your dragons, and more. So, if you start with Dragon City, you will probably be busy for a long time. Before you start playing, read the entire post to get an honest review of the game.

How can I earn gold?
Gold is needed to buy dragons of various elements, improve existing dragons and more. In Dragon City, you can easily run out of gold, so you must play strategically. Building habitats is the easiest way to earn gold. In different habitats you can earn a lot of money with the help of fire and water. Do not forget to regularly improve your living environment so that the number of currencies you earn will quickly increase. Gold can also be purchased by entering the game daily, or bought for real money in a game store. Dragon City Hack is also a great tool to instantly get tons of gold.

How can I buy gems?
Gems are extra money in the game and therefore difficult to earn. To earn less gems, you must complete various quests. When you reach the new level of the game, you will receive a limited amount of gems as a reward. Subscribing to accounts on the social networks of the game will give you unique gems. Players can even buy gems for real money or generate an unlimited amount of gems using Dragon City cheats. You must use gems wisely to buy premium items or improve the breeding process.

Why do you need food?
The most important resource of the game is food, as you will need it to feed your kites. All players do not have enough food, because the number of dragons is constantly growing. If you do not have enough food to feed all your kites, you must feed the dragons who earn the maximum amount of gold. The only way to buy food is agriculture. Therefore, you should focus on building more farms to feed your dragons and become more powerful in the game.
Each farm will cost you in game currency, so make sure that you study well and grow only those crops that will quickly gather and bring you a great reward. For example, you might think about raising dragon bells, hot dragon peppers, etc. On your farm, as they will collect much less time. Whenever you urgently need food for your kites, you can get them as a gift from your gaming buddies. Do not forget to return the favor to them by giving them food.

How to breed dragons?
Breeding is the main way to create more dragons in the game. If you breed two different types of dragons, the offspring have signs of both parents. If you want to have a strong and unique kite, you must experiment to breed it with various combinations. This is the most interesting part of the game, since you can have a legendary kite.

In general, Dragon City is an interesting game, especially if you need to breed and grow a lot of dragons. You will have to work hard in the game or use quick tools like Dragon City Cheats Hacks to earn precious stones and gold. So start playing Dragon City now and have a great time driving your dragon island.