The Palisades Nuclear Generating Station in Colvert, Michigan, shut down for more than a week in early May 2022. In July, new owner Holtec International was seeking federal assistance to reopen the disused Palisades facility.

Environmental groups slam plans to reopen Michigan nuclear power plant

Dozens of environmental groups submitted a letter Friday to federal energy officials imploring them to deny funding to a New Jersey company seeking to reopen a nuclear power plant in western Michigan.

The Palisades Power Plant should not be eligible for the Civilian Nuclear Credit Program, a $6 billion fund created by the bipartisan Infrastructure Act, the groups argued in a letter to the US Secretary of State on Friday. energy Jennifer Granholm and Department of Energy officials.

That’s because Palisades closed permanently in May, according to new owner Holtec International and former owner Entergy Nuclear. The federal program states that nuclear reactors must cease operation due to economic factors – which environmental groups say does not include Palisades because it no longer generates or sells electricity.

“It is unequivocally clear that the (program contemplates) subsidizing only operating reactors under the civilian nuclear credit program,” the environmental groups’ letter said. “The program simply doesn’t contemplate funding a closed reactor that has gone out of business.”

The Michigan Sierra Club, Michigan Wildlife Conservancy, Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council, and anti-nuclear groups in Michigan and the United States signed the letter.

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